Idag är det WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. Därför har jag passat på att så ett frö till en sociala medier kampanj. Hashtagen kom till mig på engelska, likaså följde texten. Anammar goog enough så mycket jag bara kan just nu och därav kommer den nedan som den redan är i sin helhet! Jag hoppas att andra kan bära den vidare. Nu behöver jag Vila! <3 




"Do you know how strong you are? Do you undestand the inner power you possess? Do you really appreciate yourself for every damn “competitor” you beat?!

I´d guess you don’t. So it’s time to change that!

One day when I left my psychiatrist, I were filled with hope, love and a powerful sense of my kick-ass abilities! I thought of how incredible I am facing all theese heavy thoughts, the anxiety and fears! I know I’m brave, but I realized — also soo strong! All the new skills I’ve learnt the past year with her had been like an intense boot camp, but a mental one!

Then, suddenly in my mind, I saw a ninja or karate-character kicking high up in the air. And with that this hashtag followed.

So with this I’d like you all who in some way are facing mental illness to try and find your inner champion. Maybe you managed to get up from bed while in a depression? Maybe you took half of the dishes from the dishwasher despite your burnout? Maybe you wen’t through another therapy-session dealing with your OCD? Maybe you spent an other day as a sober alcoholic? Maybe you took soo good care of yourself you managed to turn a “bad day” into a “good one”? (Or maybe you didn’t, but remember you´re still a fighter and a mighty person, only by Living with whatever you carry.)

I’ve spent so much time listening to how weak I am, that I am too sensitive, that it is my fault I am sick, that I’ve betrayed myself and that something is wrong with me. But I’ve had enough of that crap! And with all this “training”, facing mental illness, my confidence in dealing with life has grown soo much!

We all need to lift the opposite of a picture of someone with mental illness being such a week human being. Mostly we owe ourselves that. All of us is carrying heavy stuff in one way or the other, and I’d like to see anyone who’d never faced a panic attack or someone not being highly sensitive to try to suddenly live one day with it…

By the way, with this I don’t intend to force you into pushing yourself even harder. (Believe me, I am still facing my exhaustion syndrome, not able to work more than three years later!) I just wish that you could look at your situation — whatever you are dealing with, with a sense of being proud, and to see how great you are just the way you are, while maybe trying to feel a little better each day.

And for me thinking “I strive to get a black belt in mental health” (if I in some sense don’t already got one — all of this is symbolic people) also helps me see what I gain from all of this (as a bonus on top of a life in which I thrive). I’ll be a professional dealing with fears, anxiety, change. I’ll be more vulnerable, trusting, compassionate and loving. (Which I already am.)

Please help me with the aim to illuminate the strength in You dealing with mental illness, and to lift the importance of mental health practice! Use the hashtag #blackbeltinmentalhealth to share your story and/or opinions about this if you find it as important as I do ❤"